Trigger patterns should use checkout rules?


we have a configuration with the following checkout rules:
+:Tools/ConfigurationManagement => ./
+:CrossPath/branches/geolinux-2.1.0 => ./buildsystem

Then we have this trigger pattern:

Now a file is checked into CrossPath/branches/geolinux-2.1.0:


I would have thought this would trigger a build, but this change is placed in the Pending Changes tab. What are we doing wrong here?

Using TeamCity 4.5.5.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry for such a big delay in replying, seems we overlooked the message for some time.

I can't reproduce the issue in the current TeamCity build. The issue could be already fixed: there were some probably related fixes in 5.0 and 5.1 EAP. Is upgrading an option for you?

You can probably try to change the checkout rule to "+:CrossPath/branches/geolinux-2.1.0 => buildsystem", this might help.


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