Question on notification of dependent build failing


say I have an Build<B> which denpdens on Build<A>.
Someone Developer<X> is triggering Build<A> thru a VCS check-in.
Build<A> is succesfull and triggers Build<B> which fails... probably caused thru changes of the previous VCS check-in, probably not...
How can I notify Developer<Z> that he probably caused the failure of Build<B> ???

Dependency between the 2 builds is currently configured by BuildTriggering::Dependencies:BuildTrigger

Thanx in advance


Hi Mark,

Unforchanatly it is not possible for now. Please watch/vote for the feature request in our tracker.


Hi Marina,

I'm not sure wether this feature covers my requirement, because we are interested in notifactions triggered by changes done by a developer which cause a dependent build to fail.
So what I would expect: A new checkbox only selectable when 'Builds affected by my changes' is selected which states. Notify on dependent build breaking...
Do you understand the feature in that way??? Than I'ld vote for it.
Thx & best regards


Hi Mark,

I apologize for the misunderstanding. We have a feature request which relate to this issue in the tracker: Please watch/ vote for it.

Kind regards,


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