Backing up 4.5, what files in the Data Directory can be omitted

My TeamCity instance has quite a large BuildServer directory and I'd like to know what I can avoid backing up before upgrading to the latest version.  The upgrade documents states:

If you decide to skip data backup under <TeamCity Data Directory>/system directory, make sure you note the most recent files in each of artifacts, messages and changes subdirectories and save this information. It will be needed if you decide to restore the database backup with TeamCity Data Directory corresponding to a newer state then the database.

What does "make note of the most recent files" mean?  The most recently touched artifact and message directories?  What do I do with this information once I have it, or in the event I need to restore from backup?

Usually, it makes sense to backup config directory and files inside system directory. If you are using external database, you should backup it too, because after the upgrade database structure can be modified. Folders system/artifacts, system/messages, system/caches, system/changes can be quite big and in most cases their backup is not necessary.


We're intending to backup everything if feasible, but I was hoping to get some clarification on why the back up docs suggest noting the "latest files".  Both the system/messages and system/artifacts folders have sub folders in them and I'm wondering what one needs to make note of for each if they're being excluded from a backup.  In the event one chooses to restore a backup and one omitted these files, how is the latest file information used during the restore?


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