Deploying nightlies to web root?

Hello.  I'm using TeamCity to build a couple of web service projects, and I'd like the services to be available each day via the web server on my build machine.  I think the ideal situation is a list of versions, similar to, for example, .  I played around with the VCS Checkout Dir, but that didn't seem to be quite what I have in mind.  It looks as though something needs to happen after the build similar to the artifact uploading, but I'm not seeing anything in the Visual Studio runner that sounds like what I want.

I'd love to avoid bringing NAnt into the picture - does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance!

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  Unfortunately, TeamCity doesn't have such a feature directly.
  You may want to vote for

As a workaround, you can create a dependent build configuration, set it to obtain required artifacts from base configuration, and in build script copy/upload files to required target location. And, probably vote for

  Hope this helps,


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