TeamCity 5.1 - Exclude autogenerated artifacts OR prevent automerge on reporting via MSBuild


Im new to TC, comes from CC but ,im loving this tool soo much allready, so easy to setup .

Ok in my MSBuild script, im running NCover 1.5.8 by hand to generate more reports, which I show in the WebUI by modifying the main-config.
Afterwards I report the result to TC using:

    <!-- Report to TC, to add to statistics -->
    <Message Text="##teamcity[dotNetCoverage ncover_explorer_report_type='0']"/>
    <Message Text="##teamcity[dotNetCoverage ncover_explorer_report_order='0']"/>
    <Message Text="##teamcity[importData type='dotNetCoverage' tool='ncover' path='$(CoverageXmlReport)']"/>

All this works quite well, but then 2 things happens:

     1. TC creates .teamcity/.NetCoverage/CoverageReport.xml in the artifacts dir. Why, due to my import?
     2. At the end of the build TC is trying to merge this new report into itself, which i suspect is related to 1.
          *[Merge coverage results] Started NCover Explorer: "XX\NCoverExplorer.Console.exe" "XX\Reports\NCoverReport.xml" "XX\NCoverReport.xml" "/s:XXX\buildTmp\NCoverXXXReport"

I would like to avoid this, if possible.
It should be mentioned that I also instruct TC to search for the NUnit testresults but using an absolute path targeting 1 specific file.

Can I prevent TC from creating the artifact somehow?
Why does it appear TC is trying to merge the
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TeamCity should merge artifacts is there were more than one coverage report file. I'll check it in the code.

Please create an issue in the tracker to make TeamCity not publishing coverage report .xml files.


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Ok thank you. I have submitted an issue, hope this is not a waste of your time, due to me being a noob at TC. .


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