TC server page using http even though it's specified to use https.

Edit:  Issue is being tracked (and better explained) here:

Our company recently set up our TeamCity server to allow browsing without requiring a VPN.  To do this, we connect via https and use our LDAP to log in.  Unfortunately, we've come across a strange problem.  Although the front page seems to work fine on login and other pages (my changes, agents, queues); there are certain pages (edit configuration, my settings & tools) that seem to want to link to their http counter-part, which renders a timeout when viewing the page outside our network.  However, we even state in our Server Configuration that the Server URL should be so TeamCity should not be redirecting to the http pages.  Is this a known problem or a new bug?  Did we perhaps configure something incorrectly?  I could not find any related issues on the tracker.

Internally, the site works fine.  Everything stays on HTTPS while browsing the site.  It's only outside our network that this occurs.


Internally, TeamCity does not rely on absolute paths, we use relative paths everywhere. Server URL property affects notifications only and is not used anywhere else. Could you please narrow it to the concrete pages and actions?


I've documented the details in TW-11927



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