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Hello all,

I appologise if this has already been asked/cleared up but I have seached through the forums but have not seemed to find an answer.

Is there currently any way in teamcity (4.5 (build 8944)) to reboot an agent either before or after a build? I know I could create a dependent configuration using a command line runner with the shutdown command, however, this succeeds and before the shutdown can actually occur, the agent is given over to another build configuration which then fails as the shutdown occurs once it has started.

The reasoning is that we have several processes that may hang during a build, these in turn stay running on the machine and cause files to remain locked which causes subsequent builds to fail.

I have seen the swabra plugin, but I would prefer to reboot the agent between each build as this guarentees that the machine does not have any zombie processes or locked files.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Hello Mark,

This is not possible by the moment. We have related feature request filed for this: Please watch/vote for it.

Kind regards,


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