Built-in CVS agent problems

  The built-in CVS agent is doing something weird with newline conversions, and I would like to resort to using local CVS client. So I go to http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TCD5/CVS where it says I can point to a local CVS client, except there is no such option on the form any more. I guess the feature got removed after the built-in client got put in at some point, and the docs haven't been update.

  My questions are:

  - Can I somehow configure the build agent to use my cvs client?
  - Or, can I inspect and modify the flags that the built-in CVS agent is using to get the files?


What type of checkout do you use (on server, on agent?) Also please provide TeamCity version.


  On agent. Version 5.1 (build  13360).


Could you please submit a bug report with description of this issue?
As for local cvs client - it is for the cases when repository is on the same filesystem and there is no cvs server running.


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