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I am new to TC and currently evaulating it. Currently, we are using CruiseControl to manage our CI builds. We are building c++ applicaiton with Visual Studio. All the build steps managed by ant scripts (from getting the right source upto create installers).
Now, that we are growing we want to have a tool which is easier to manage, featuring a good multi agent managements, private builds and a few more features.

So here is the question: Is it possible to make multiple build steps such as copy files, call executables, compile, run tests, etc. without ant or maven? Is it possible to run some of them parallel?
I set up a few project with TC using MSbuild with sln files to build our projects. However I need to do more then just compile and I realy would like to get rid of the ant scripts.

What would be the prefered way/settings within TC?


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Not there is no way to make build running in parallel.
To join all tasks in one build you may create wrapping MSBuild script.



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