Jazz source control integration? (IBM Rational Team Concert)


We are in the process of moving from Subversion to RTC for source control using the Jazz backend (don't ask!). We currently use TeamCity as our continuous integration build server. Are there any plans to support Jazz as a source control provider for TeamCity? If not, are there any third-party plugins available for this.

Note, we are using Jazz, not ClearCase, as our RTC backing store.


Bruce Boughton

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I know this does not answer your question but RTC does have its own build server and I believe now support Hudson, which is a very nice product. And, of course, you can still use subversion as the backend for RTC and just use RTC for planning and change control.

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Thanks for your reply, John.

I know about the built-in build server in RTC but it does not seem to be anywhere near as powerful or easy-to-setup as TeamCity. We also have IBM BuildForge which we are looking at. However, TeamCity really is a great CI server so I'm hoping we can carry on using it.

I'm also aware that you can use SVN as a backing store for RTC but this decision is somewhat out of my hands.



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I would start with submitting a feature request to our tracker. Please also describe what features of the VCS integration you need for IBM RTC:
- changes collecting
- server side checkout
- agent side checkout (to be able to work with VCS from the build)
- personal builds support (in what IDE)
- labeling/tagging

At the moment we do not have plans to support IBM RTC, however if this feature request will be popular, we will definitely consider this feature. Also note that VCS integration in TeamCity is fully pluggable, any third party can write a plugin to support one more VCS. There are open-sourced plugins which can be used as a reference:
* http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TW/Git
* http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TW/Mercurial
* ClearCase plugin sources: http://svn.jetbrains.org/teamcity/plugins/clearcase-vcs/

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I've created an issue to address support for the the VCS.

Please vote and add your comments describing most immediate needs to the issue.


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