Is it possible to ignore properties changes in 'change log' tab

When you make merge in svn it updates not only changed files, but all files, too (their properties), so teamcity shows a lot of files in changelog and it's quite difficult to track them.
Is is possible to make Teamcity ignore such changes? We're using currently 4.5, but might consider switching to 5.x if possible.



  Could you please be more specific.

  The change in file properties is still a change, and it is probably not correct to ignore such changes.
  SVN reports these changes, so TeamCity does also. What specific changes should TeamCity ignore, can you provide an example?



Hi Kir!

I'm talking about svn:mergeinfo property.
I agree that it is probably not correct to ignore such changes, but probably we can hide/collapse such changes to make visual diff in Teamcity much easier.


Hello Ildar,

   I think this is reasonable request. Please file it to our tracker at

   Kind regards,


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