Does anybody use StatLight for running tests on TeamCity? I'm getting a duplicated log.


I set up a build configuration to use StatLight tool to run Silverlight unit tests.
I'm using MSBuild as a build runner.
I created a new target in a .proj file, that looks like

<Target Name="ClientTest">
    <Exec Command="$(StatLightExe) -x=$(ClientSrcDir)\ClientTests\Bin\Debug\ClientTests.xap --teamcity" />

$(StatLightExe) - is a path to Statlight application.

Then I just call this target inside the "BuildAll" target.

So, when the build is completed, I'm getting test results, that are duplicated!
E.g. I expect to see the following:

Tests failed: 3, passed: 2, ignored: 1.

But what I see is -

Tests failed: 6, passed: 4, ignored: 2.

I thought that MSBuild calls my target twice, and runs tests twice, but I looked at build log, and see that the target is called once, but the log is duplicated.
Looks strange, and I tried a lot of variations, and checked the proj file several times, but I'm still getting duplicated results.
Does anybody have any idea?

I'm attaching the log, just a small piece of it. If look at log time, we may see that time [11:13:00]: goes after [11:13:03].

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Could you please add a <Message Text="Before Starting StatLight" /> in the MSBuild script just before <Exec> call to StatLight to check statlight was not called more than once.

Attach the output of statlight task call too.

I've checked the blogs and found that StatLight authors suggests starting StatLight tests as a separate build runner, but not as a part of MSBuild script.



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