Downloading TeamCity artifacts via svn:externals


Is it possible to download the build artifacts of a project via svn:externals?

I have two projects, one is a library of utility DLLs and the other is an application that uses the library.

Of course I can use artifact dependencies in TeamCity to have the application build download the last successful build of the library, but then a developer checking out the application sources with Subversion wouldn't get a project that compiles out-of-the-box; he would have to download the library artifacts and place them in the right folder himself. That's what I'm trying to avoid.

In the past, I had the library build script commit the artifacts into a subversion repository, but I don't want to keep every single ancient artifact release around in a repository for all time.

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Hello Marcus,

  You can enable svn:externals support in the VCS root settings. So TeamCity will work as a simple SVN client in this regards.

  Does it answer your question?



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