Automated code formatting

Is it possible to automate code formatting with TeamCity or may be R#.

The use case I'd like to have:
1. Developer checks  in the changeset
2. Teamcity recognizes the check in and applies  the configured formatting rules (the same as in R#) and updates the code in source control.

Or may be it is possible to configure R# to reformat code according to pre-configured profile right before  VS saves the file...

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Hello, Konstantin.
My name is Evgeniy. Im the developer of TeamCity VS add-in.

Thank you for your feature request!

Guys from R# team told me that they already have a couple of such requests and they plan to add such feature in the future. You could search in R# issue tracker for those requests.
Regards TeamCity, I think it would be great to integrate with R# and ask it it to perform code formatting before sending Remote Run and before actual commit.

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Thanks for your answer.
Looking forward to getting this feature

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I created issue for this feature request:
Feel free to watch / vote/ comment it.


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