Artifacts dependencies as zip archives

I read in the latest 5.1 documentation that is now possible to extract zip archives in the artifacts dependencies, but the documentation seems to suggest that the Artifacts of the dependent build configuration should be uploaded in a zip archive in the first place.

If I download the artifacts manually or via a url I can obtain a zipped copy without having to upload the entire file set into a zip file, is it possible to do the same from the Artifacts Dependencies tab?



Do you need to get an zrchive in the build configuration using artifacts while the files are not in archive in the source build configuration?

Can you please detail why do you need this so that we better understand the use case?

BTW, alike request.


I have a number of projects that have artifacts dependencies on each other, it seems that passing artifatcs around takes a good chunk of the build time and I believe passing single zip files will be more efficient and quicker. Since there seems to be a "zipped" version of the artifacts without having to specifically upload files in a zip archive it would be nice to use it.

The alternative of zipping all the files when uploading the files has the drawback of not allowing the individual files to be retrieved without downloading the zip archive first.



If you are concerned with the transfer sizes this should probably be implemented as supporting transparent zipping of HTTP streams and not user-level configuraiton.

BTW, ability to request browsing/downloading files from archives is requested by TW-9626.


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