Problems downloading artifacts in other browsers

Hi all,

I'm trying to download artifacts from our TeamCity server (5.1.2) in Safari, IE and Chrome, but they all report errors in slightly different ways...
Chrome doesn't download the whole file - it reports it completed before it should.
Safari gets to the end of the file, and then carries on downloading more data!
IE gets the the end of the download, and then claims that the connection was reset by the server.
Only FireFox actually downloads the file successfully.

This would be fine if it was just me that had to access the artifacts, but I work in a company with 40+people trying to download them in god-knows-what browser.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

As an interesting side note - Safari exhibits the same behavior trying to download the TeamCity Windows installer exe...

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Seems like some issue with your corporate network or software on the machines. I'd start investigating from proxies/farewalls and anti-virus software both as corporate network services or on development machines.

You may probably get more information installing Wireshark or alike software and carefully investigating the traffic that is going to the browser.

As this does not seem to be an issue with TeamCity I am not sure we will be able to help you with this. You can probably look into the server logs to get additional details, if any, but the resolution is most probably to be searched elsewhere.


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