How to start own tray notifier?


I need to write my own tray notifier for windows, which has the information on the current build state of the user's watched projects. The notifier needs to run on a different machine than the server, because it has access to some special resources, which aren't available on the build server.

Can you point me to the documentation where I can start writing such a tray notifier? Perhaps there is already a sample tray notifier implementation available?

Kind regards,
Markus Bischof

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It depends a great deal on the way you need the tray notifier to work and technology to use to implement it.

I'd consider writing a server plugin that will get all the necessary information and then expose it to the client machine. If protocol has no preference I'd try implementing TeamCity controller. e.g. see HelloUserController in the bundled sample plugin.

You can also look through the plugins in Notification section.

The client side for the notifier is for you to choose.

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Thanks for your reply.

I will use your suggestion and start a server plugin which sends the information to the client machine. Probably, I will start with this sample and see how far I can get.



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