Getting the Folder version number from the Vault plugin

I'm using the Vault plugin. We would like to tie our Build number to the folder version of the trunk folder in our repository (the folder is located at $/Products/OurProduct/trunk where $ is the root of the repository). Is there any way of getting this information through TeamCity. I'm currently using build.vcs.number, but that seems to use another number, perhaps Vault's Transaction Id or somesuch.

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You are absolutely right - at present we use Vault's Transaction Id as VCS root version and there is no way for user to get root folder version.
But we have plans to use repository root folder version instead of it. build.vcs.number will return proper value for you.
I've created an issue on our tracker -
Please, vote, comment, watch.

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I've added a comment to the issue about how I would like to use the version number of a folder some way down the tree from the repository root.


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