How to setup two agents on the same PC

Hello everyone,
As a part of a build process I need two queues of builds to be ran. The first queue services builds that compile solutions, and run unit tests. The second queue contains builds that run service tasks like uploading files to an FTP site.

Builds in the second queue are going to be dependant on builds in the first queue. For instance, I have four builds in two queues, thus S1 depends on F1, and S2 runs after F2.

So there are sample builds
First Queue: F1, F2
Second Queue: S1, S2

When I have only one build agent, and F2 is scheduled while F1 is running, I have builds executed in the following order, sequetiantly
F1 => F2 => S1 => S2
However, I'd like F1 to start at the same time as F2, immediatelly after F1 is complete. So a desired sequence is:
F1 => F2 =>S2
     => S1
I believe that this is possible by adding another agent and setting corresponding agent requirements for builds.
However, when I try to install a new agent on the same PC, and select "Install service" checkbox, the service runs with a new agent, and the previous one becomes disconnected. So my question is how to install the second agent on the same PC where the first one was running and have them both functional.

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Your described case semes to be covered is you install several build agents, but it is recommended to design your approach so that the agents can be installed on different machines.
Most probably you will need to use artifact dependencies and may be snapshot dependencies to ensure you have exactly one S build for each F one.

For the agents installatino, please review the documentation section on that. Please install the second agent manually, without installer (here is a feature to vote for on that).
And there are also several issues to keep in mind when you install them on the same machine.

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Thanks! As soon as I install it I'll mark the question as complete


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