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I'm using Visual Studio 2008 (sln) runner to compile my code. First attempt failed because the path to necessary include directories (DirectX SDK) was different on my machine and on the agent machine. I've added the valid path to the DirectX SDK in the project ('additional include direcrories' -> .vcproj file) and re-run the compilation. Again it failed. This is weird because when I manually open the .sln file (using VS2008) from the agent work folder it compiles without any problem! When TeamCity runs the compilation I get standard error: "Cannot open  include file: 'd3d10sdklayers.h': No such file or directory". I guess this is some environment issue but I have no clue where to look... Thanks in advance for any hints.

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Try to stop TeamCity server and run TeamCity agent from console under the same user that you have the manual build run OK.
If this succeeds, then the issue is in the different environment when you run the agent as a service and from console. e.g. the users might differ.

If command-line build fails, try to make it pass by figuring out what environment is missing and then setup the same environment for the agent by defining appropriate properties.

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Thanks, this was helpful. After changing the user it started working.


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