problems logging in 2 team city instances installed in the same box

I have 2 team city instances installed in the same box. One team city instance listens on port 8111 and the other one on 8112. Each instance works ok separately but when I open both instances at the same time in the same browser and I log on in one instance then I get logged off in the other one. I have no problems if I use different browsers  though (e.g. explorer & firefox). I imagine there is a problem with cookies/sessions but I can not understand why as every team city instance is running on its own tomcat instance. Any thoughs??



The problem is indeed with cookies. JSessionID cookie is set on domain and if both servers have the same domain (accessible by the same host) they will share the same cookie. Note that this problem is not TeamCity specific, any web application which stores some data in the cookies is affected, be it ASP, PHP or Java based. It's a limitation of the HTTP cookies themselves.
The only way to solve it is to access servers by different host names.


It makes sense. Thanks for your explanation.


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