embedding grails-1.2.2 in apache2

I am running Apache2 reverse proxy environment and using a grails application on that.Internally my application is accessible.
I have just created a helloworld application.Operating System is Debian Lenny.

Now I want my grails application to run always when I reboot the machine.I read on

above second link does not mentions anything about  apache2

but says using war you can deploy it.

Before doing that I had created a startup script /etc/rc.local and tried to run grails through it but to run grails I had to go to the directory where I created application and type grails run-app which is not a good way since grail run-app starts application in development environment while I need in production environment.
More over above script I wrote was not running because it needs to change a directory which will be possible only some one logs in not in a boot script.

Is there some way I can embed grails in Apache2.

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Is this issue still actual for you?

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