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So, I've recently integrated NCover into our projects on TeamCity, and it's working fantastically due to the flexibility of TeamCity's reports. However, I'm stuck with one problem.

At my work, we have multiple .slns in a folder by category, and then each .sln links to different subdirectories. So for instance, Product Alpha and Product Beta may both be in folder A, but each has a different subdirectory where their code is maintained (Let's call them Folders B and C, B is Alpha and C is Beta). Due to the way TeamCity performs check outs and SVN monitoring, I have to exclude Folder C when Product Alpha is building, and vice versa. This means that, when Project Beta is built, Folder A gets completely cleared, including all the information for Project Alpha.

Now, this is normally not a problem, however NCover tracks trends in the Test Coverage of Project Alpha over time, these statistics are quite valuable to us. In order to make sure that Project Beta doesn't wipe out Project Alpha's Coverage information, I have to move the Test Coverage files outside of Folder A.

In order to have them copy up, they have to be pointed to by artifacts.

The Current structure I have is D:\source\Product.Alpha_NCover and the folder for the actual configuration working directory is D:\source\A\

For Some reason, the string ..\Product.Alpha_NCover\**\* => NCover will not be resolved and it can't use the relative pathing to find Product.Alpha_NCover. Trying this gives the error "Artifacts Path ..\Product.Alpha_NCover\**\* not found"

I next tried hardcoding the string as D:\source\Product.Alpha_NCover\**\* => NCover but that doesn't resolve either, it gives an error that says "Artifacts Path **/* Not Found"

If I copy/paste this info into any file browser, it works great. But it won't work in TeamCity. Any ideas?

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Hello James,

Sorry for delay, but is it still actual with latest TeamCity release?

Kind regards,


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