Configure TeamCity for VS 2010 solutions

Hi All,


I am new to TeamCity and CI. What I wanted to do is setup a build server for VS 2010 solution and enable Continuous Integration.


Could you please point me to step by step guide or something? I have installed TeamCity 5.1.1, do I need to install agentInstaller?


Please help.

Thans & regards,


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Hello Rohan,

TeamCity server in .exe and .tar.gz distributions is installed with a default build agent that runs on the same machine as the server. You may find these instructions useful: Installation and Configuring TeamCity Server guide.
You could look through documentation to find necessary information about how to setup project and build configuration. Please refer to the section in our documentation about Visual Studio solution runner that further highlights your issue.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Marina.
I will do the installation today. If I need your help will trouble you again; I want to set up CI for my VS.NET 2010 projects using teamcity.
Hope the links you have provided will suffice my requirements.


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