Git checkout for repositories having symbolic links

When checking out a project that has symlinks internally the links are being written to disk as regular files who's contents are the destination of the link.  I believe this may be happening as the working directory is being updated by generating a "patch" from the current state to the desired state?  If so, symbolic links don't survive the patch process.

What can be done to fix/work-around this problem?


Hello Gavin,

you can get symbolic links working using checkout on agent, see this issue  for details.



I am also facing an issue with GIT and Symlinks.

In my case, changing to check-out on the agent does not work as my project has more than 1 GIT VCS repository attached. When checking out on the agent, I am unable to have both VCS checked out to the same directory however this works fine using server-side checkout.

Is there any plan to fix this using server side checkout?


We don't have any definite plans regarding the issue at the moment. It won't be addressed in the upcoming 2018.1, sorry.


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