TeamCity installation-wide statistics


We offer a TeamCity installation (with a number of build agents) as a shared resource to a number of distributed technology departments, across our mid-size company. Although we have a qualitative sense of how many departments and technologists are using our TeamCity installation, we'd like to start gathering some quantitative metrics around the use of this installation and the use of TeamCity in general.

Is it possible for us to gather installation-wide metrics and statistics (i.e. NOT PROJECT SPECIFIC)?
We're looking for metrics such as:

  • # of projects in TeamCity
  • # of builds processed hourly/daily
  • # of build failures hourly/daily
  • # of test-runs
  • Min/Avg/Max # of test failures per run
  • Min/Avg/Max amount of time it takes to do each test-run

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Those statistics are only available per-project or per-build-config, not installation-wide as requested ("NOT PROJECT SPECIFIC").

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Hello Brian,

You can use REST API to create server-wide report Also please vote for the request:


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