Most convenient way to mass edit build configurations?


I often find myself having to change the maximum build duration for 30 build configurations.
Or to verify that all 30 build configurations actually have proper snapshot dependencies setup.

I'm hoping someone knows a nice tool that I can use to propably operate on the .xml file describing the build configs directly,
that makes making edits like this less painful.

Bye, Lucas

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Hello Lucas,

There is no currently such feature, please please watch/vote for it For now you can develop ccustom plugin or  direct  updatу the XML configuration files under .BuildServer/config.

Do you conside of using build configuration templates?

Kind regards,

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I should have been more clear:  I realize there is no built in way to do it.  I'm looking for a tool that will make direct editing of the .xml file less painful than doing it in notepad.

I've been unable to effectively use build configuration templates, mostly because I already had about 50 of them when the feature arrived, and I couldn't find a good way to recreate all 50 of them from templates without having to redo all the work.


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