How to run EMMA to get coverage for parallel processes

I am trying to get java coverage for my application.
I have instrumented a jar file with EMMA (got a .em file).
When I run a single application, everything works fine: I get .ec file, reports, etc.
When I try to run multiple applications on the same machine the reports come with zero coverage. The .ec files get regenerated (I am putting them in defferent directories, based on the PID), but do not reflect the classes being touched by the tests. It seems that the content of .ec files just copied from the first one created by the coverage.get command.
I have tried to change the connectio port from the default value but it has not worked (got an error).
Is it possible to get EMMA coverage for parallel processes?


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Sorry for the delay in replying.
Is this still actual?

If yes, is this related to TeamCity? What runner do you use and how do you configure it?


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