server never coming back up, stalling on loading cache of build committers

We had to stop the server process (on linux) and restart it, and I had to kill a lot of process that it left behind from the shutdown.  When I started it up, it just seems to hang on this line.

[2010-03-04 15:41:55,873]   INFO -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Start loading cache of build committers...

It never seems to get past that point (i've attached the full log)

I cleared out the teamcity-data/system/cache directory to see if that helped, but no change.

Hitting the url for our server just times out.

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Ok, it finally came up, but it took 20 minutes!  That's a lot longer than when we started using this.  Any ideas what would cause that step to take so long?

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How can we take threaddumps? at the point in time where this happens, teamcity is still starting up.

I'm seeing 6 minutes for "Start loading cache of build committers...",

and I'm wondering if it could be related to why teamcity is so incredibly slow for me in normal usage.

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Do you see any Java processes? Try to take thread dumps from all of them and use dump with "buildserver" string in it.

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