Accessing Change List in Ant from TeamCity server

I  would like to get the list of changed files from Teamcity in my Ant build. I am trying to do a build only if
at least one control file is present in the change list. How do I get the change list in Ant build from Teamcity?

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Hello Paul,

On agent there is a file which contains information about changed files,  path to this file can be read from the system property "", read more here:

Kind regards,

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Thank you Marina I worked fine. I am able to access the Teamcity system properties from my Ant build script

eg in my build.xml I have the following:

    <!-- Information on the Teamcity build server -->
    <target name="info">
       <echo message="==> Path to change file   : ${}"/>
       <echo message="==> Build Number          : ${build.number}"/>
       <echo message="==> Teamcity project Name : ${teamcity.projectName}"/>       
       <echo message="==> Agent Name            : ${}"/>

And I am able to use the properties in  my build.


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