4.5.x ClearCase VCS (UCM) plugin loads wrong (empty) version of elements

I'm currently evaluating TeamCity (it's awesome!) for my team.
We're using ClearCase UCM for version control.

I have a UCM snapshot with one of folder containing several jar and zip files.
I've setup a simple project with the clearcase vcs to load this folder.

After the vcs part is done, all the files in the folder appear in the buildAgent work view directory, but some of them are empty (0 bytes).
Those files are not empty in the view I refer to.

I looked for one of the empty files in the teamcity-vcs.log, and I saw that at some point  it's main\0 version is loaded:

[2009-05-10 12:36:22,098]   INFO [  Cached pool 1] - .clearcase.ClearCaseConnection - interactive execute: cleartool get -to C:\TeamCity\temp\cc_23269temp c:\CC_VIEWS\V5.1_israci_test\SANscreen\.@@\main\0\Tools@@\main\Integration\V5.1\2\junit.zip@@\main\0


main\0 version of a file is always empty. Also, this is not the version that should be loaded to the view, according to the config spec.
Seems like the rest of the empty files are also loaded with main\0 version and those that are loaded correctly aren't.

I'm using 4.5.1 (build 8975). Had the same problem in 4.5.0.


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Sorry for the delay. The question is still actual with latest TeamCity release?

Kind regards,

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