Project dependencies

I have 3 .net projects : WebA, WebB and Common. both web project uses Common project.
Also, I defined 2 teamcity projects : WebA & WebB with sln2008 build configurations.

Why commiting changes to WebA causes build for both WebA and WebB?

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Probably, build configuration WebB has a VCS root that includes files necessary for the build configuration WebA only. If this is not what you expect, try configuring the VCS roots so that only the relevant files go into each build configuration. You could probably use Checkout rules for that.

If the configuration is right to you, please describe it in more detail: VCS settings, triggers and dependencies configured for all the build configurations.

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Yegor Yarko
Project Manager (TeamCity)
JetBrains, Inc
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Hi Igor,

All projects having the same vcs root (they have common project).
No project dependencies defined.

I expected the build process to be triggered just by vcs commit to a project listed in the vs sln2008 file, but as I understand teamcity do not support it !?
What are my options?, Obviously, a build for all the projects configurations causes by any vcs commit is a lot.

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Sorry for the long delay. The question is still relevant?

Kind regards,

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