Can´t get the cppunit plugin to work with TC

Hello there!
I started using TC today and i come up with the web page that had a cppunit plugin for TC.

It was saying that it uses "server messages" to communicate with TC and show that the tests failed.

I started a test project and all went well.
But, I commited the full example (that ran just well here, printing out all teamserver massages template) but the TC always said that the build was sucessfull. But, my test wasn't.

Then, I did a test creating a .txt file in C:/. I noticed that TC doesn't ran the .exe, so, the .txt was not created. Then, if it's not running, it means that it's not running my tests.exe file, so, it will never figure out that my test failed!
It's only trying to build. If it builds, it sucessfull.

What do i have to do in order to make TC run the .exe?

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You may consider using Commandline runner. Please have a look to the documentation page on that at

To apply the changes, please open 'Administration', select project and press add build runner and follow the 'next' buttons


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I think that i'm doing something wrong.

What do I have to write in the command line options?
I tried the path to my tests (trunk/release/tests.exe) and it keep saying that the file can´t be found.

Nothing seems to work =/

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The question perhaps no longer relevant. If it's not please leave a comment or create a separate thread.

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