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I am new to TeamCity and am excited about moving my team from shell scripts to a great build management tool like TeamCity.

Our source code is all in BASE ClearCase. We normally access our code on linux machines and the TeamCity build machine will be a linux box as well.

Can you give me an example of how to set up the VCS root for ClearCase? Specifically, I am unsure how the View Path field is intended to be used.

I can get the VCS setup to work if I start up TeamCity from within a view that has access to my code, and then I simply set the VCS root to:


However, the above path is only valid if I am within a CC view when I launch TeamCity. Is there another path I should be using to access the code? I would like to have several build configurations that use different views, so if I am limited to the view I start up TeamCity from, that severely limits the capabilities of TeamCity for me.


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Sorry for the long delay. The question is still relevant? If yes please leave a comment or create a separate thread.

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