Failed to build patch for TFS Version Control

We are operating on a shared development server. One of our people is getting the error "failed to build patch for TFS Version Control. Please make sure TFS workspace is not corrupt."

She is able to check in the code without issue using the TFS client, however the personal build agent fails. The build runner is located on the same machine as she is working on. I (and other developers on the same server) are not having this issue.

She recently did a /setup on her visual studio environment as she was missing some VS controls. After that, this failed to work correctly. As it is a shared development server, I did not think that we would uninstall the plug-in for VS and reinstall it. Is this a possibility?

I will create a ticket in the tracker for this in a day if no one has been able to help - or if we haven't solved it today.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

-- Stephen

TC 3.1 V 6760.
C# - VS 2005
TFS 2005
Windows Server 2003 - x64 edition - SP 2

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Sorry for the long delay. The question is still relevant? If yes please leave a comment or create a separate thread.

Kind regards,

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