Can we use jetbrains shared TeamCity server for IntelliJ IDEA plugins?


I have set of plugins. For instance i have SVN repository for them on Google Code hosting.
Will be very pleasure if JetBrains allow me to create builds configurations on for every one plugin with only one option - build plugin for latest EAP IDEA version.

The plugins must have IML file only with valid Module type - "Plugin". So is it possible to write plugin or something else for TeamCity, to compile and test plugins as:

Get IML file.
Compile it.
Test it.
Fix plugin.xml file in plugin (field build-since) for currently used IDEA EAP build for this compilation.
Pack it.
Label it with a number.
Artefact builded ZIP.
Notify author about success build.

Agent must be triggered to rebuild plugin by commit in SVN once a day. Agent must have latest IDEA EAP version in classpath as soon as possible.

So, now the question, is it for reality? :)


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The question perhaps no longer relevant. If it's not please leave a comment or create a separate thread.

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