Local checkout path? What does this really do?

I've tried to use the local checkout path in the Subversion setup for a project. My assumption was that it would let you have the agent check out the project to an aribitrary directory, rather than it's default location (useful when you've got some existing projects that expect to be in a certain directory).

When I try to do this, it fails to build, and the error message I get is like this:

Error while applying patch: I:\Install Stuff\Idea\Team Server\1457 Tomcat\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\Test Project\c:\snapshots\Test_Project\genconf\myproject.properties (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)

First off, it's obvious that it's not letting you check the project out to an arbitrary location. I was trying for c:\snapshorts\Test_Project. So, am I misunderstanding what this is trying to do? For compatibility reasons with legacy applications which expect to be located in certain locations (another gee-whiz architect's idea), this would be really nice to have for us, else we'd have to re-write a lot of build and test code.

Second, what's the "Error while applying patch" mean?


Douglas Bullard

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The question perhaps is obsolete.

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