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I am having a problem keeping my build machine's source code and what is in TFS in sync.

TeamCity seems to make files writeable when it does its "checkout". Could this be interfering with TeamCity being able to stay in sync with TFS? Especially with Add's and Delete's? I just did a full get a coule days ago from TFS and now I have a couple differences between TFS and what is on the build machine.

At the very least, it's bad user experience when I try to get latest from TFS using Visual Studio and I get prompted that there many files that are writeable that I have to resolve.

I know no one else is on the machine so I know TeamCity is making things writeable and after a while it is not

I am considering having TeamCity not do its "checkout" and just have NAnt get latest, but that would seem to defeat much of what TeamCity is supposed to provide.

What am I doing wrong? Or what am I missing? Why does it make files writeable?



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Hello Kent,

There is checkout on agent feature for TFS that make build agent checking out changes from TFS server using TFS native API. Please have a look at the documentation at
What version of TFS do you use?

Kind regards,


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