TeamCity Configuration: Version Control Settings - Checkout rules

I recently experienced an unusual problem whereby checking in a new source file into Visual Studio Source Control, my TeamCity build project did not detect the change.

I checked the configuration settings and the checkout rules, they all seemed fine & correct.

So firstly, I tried removing all the checkout rules to confirm it was picking up file changes - this worked.

So, to cut a long story short, I noticed that the path to the specific file was slightly different from the other working ones. It was to do with the Casing.
eg. Installer/Wix
eg. Installer/WiX

Team City thinks these are two separate paths!

So, the question is, are Checkout rules case-sensitive?

If so, this can cause potential build problems. To resolve this, could an option be added to switch this on/off? ;)

Thanks :)


Hello Eric,

Unfortunately it's a known issue. Please watch/vote for the issue

Kind regards,


Thank you for your response and the link.

Will this issue be fixed in future release of Team City?



There are no defined plans. Once we are sure the feature is necessary for many users (e.g. it gets  many votes) we try to include it into our development plans.

Kind regards,


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