Incorporating MSTest Results

I know there have been some other forum threads about this a while back, but none of those have helped me get this working.

I'm using TeamCity 5.0.2, with the sln2008 runner. The runner is configured to output TestResults.trx. After the build completes, the TestResults.trx file is present at:


In the build agent's team-city.log file I see:

[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out - <jetbrains.buildServer.messages.BuildMessage1>
[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out -   <myFlowId>a0f7df55-7c23-4e8d-ac16-415415ec541c</myFlowId>
[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out -   <mySourceId>DefaultMessage</mySourceId>
[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out -   <myTypeId>Text</myTypeId>
[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out -   <myStatus>1</myStatus>
[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out -   <myTimestamp>1280269466790</myTimestamp>
[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out -   <myValue >##teamcity[importData id='mstest' file='F:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\eee3f59bf291369f\TestResults.trx']</myValue>
[2010-07-27 16:24:26,814] out - </jetbrains.buildServer.messages.BuildMessage1>

This all seems as it ought to be, but TeamCity didn't report any tests, and there were actually a couple of tests that failed, but TeamCity reported a successful build.

The first part of the TestResults.trx (full file attached):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TestRun id="a0081ccd-6060-4105-a64b-9df5b38b8b6f" name="builder@US07SBUILD01 2010-07-27 16:23:38" runUser="US07SBUILD01\builder" xmlns="">
  <TestRunConfiguration name="Default Run Configuration" id="7299790f-a15c-4be3-b11c-657af97d864d">
    <Deployment userDeploymentRoot="F:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\eee3f59bf291369f" useDefaultDeploymentRoot="false" runDeploymentRoot="F:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\eee3f59bf291369f\builder_US07SBUILD01 2010-07-27 16_23_38" />
    <Hosts skipUnhostableTests="false" />
    <TestTypeSpecific />
  <ResultSummary outcome="Failed">
    <Counters total="302" executed="302" passed="300" error="0" failed="2" timeout="0" aborted="0" inconclusive="0" passedButRunAborted="0" notRunnable="0" notExecuted="0" disconnected="0" warning="0" completed="0" inProgress="0" pending="0" />
  <Times creation="2010-07-27T16:23:38.0200670-06:00" queuing="2010-07-27T16:23:40.4710820-06:00" start="2010-07-27T16:23:41.0276870-06:00" finish="2010-07-27T16:24:25.9154540-06:00" />

I expected the build to fail and to report something about the tests. Is there something else in one of the logs that I should look for to diagnose this more? Does anything I've reported look amiss? Is there any other information I can provide? Is there something fixed in a later version of TeamCity?

Thanks for any help,


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Hello Eric,

Thanks for you report! I have filed an issue Please watch/comment on it.

Kind regards,

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Are you saying that this is confirmed as a bug, or that submitting it as a bug is a way to find out from the development team whether it is a bug or not?

I assume that somebody has this working...

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This is bug. Please refer to the issue tracker for comments.

Kind regards,


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