Teamcity 5.1.3 (build 13506) - out of control builds, killing tomcat - wow...

Just recently upgraded to Teamcity 5.1.2 (build 13506).  We have a Maven build that ran on a previous Teamcity 5.0.x version just fine.  For some reason, when I manually click "run" via the Teamcity browser the following happens:
- it starts the build, displays "Run: Checking for changes"
- the build hits an error: "jetbrains.buildServer.xmlrpc.RemoteCallException: Call http://{IP address}:9090/RPC2 org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcException: java.lang.Exception: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.ConversionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: DES-EDE encryption is not supported by this Java installation : java.lang.RuntimeException: DES-EDE encryption is not supported by this Java installation"
- the build is automatically cancelled
- another build immediately starts

Since it only takes a few seconds for the build to restart again, it ends up running a failed build every 5 seconds!  We are using Tomcat 6 to host Teamcity on our Windows server.  This thrashing eventually causes Tomcat to run out of memory.  The only way I can stop the builds from happening is to stop Tomcat thus killing Teamcity, unless it runs out of memory first.

teamcity build thrashing.png

Can someone help here please?

Thanks in advance.


Attached is the (scrubbed) Teamcity server log.  It never starts the build and so there is no buildagent log.


According to the logs database is already in use by another process. Could you please check that there is only one TeamCity is running?
Also please provide what java version is used?

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The log you are looking at does have a multiple start-up issue.  Beyond that the error still occurs.  

Not sure which Java you are referring to.  Maybe the one on the Teamcity server since it is not even creating any logs on the build agent and so, I assume, it is not even getting that far.

  • "JAVA_HOME" on the TeamCity server is set to jdk1.6.0_21
  • on the build agent:
      • buildagent/conf/ contains a prop: "env.TEAMCITY_JRE=/apps/java/jdk1.6.0_13"
      • buildagent/bin/ contains a prop: "JAVA_HOME=/apps/java/jdk1.6.0_13"

What OS do you use?
The error mean that TeamCity agent can not work correctly with installed Java. Could you please check that java installation is full and/or not corrupted?
Could you please attach agent build logs that placed into <agent home>/logs directory.

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Please also write witch java do you use. Is it Sun/Oracle java?


We are using Sun's jdk: jdk1.6.0_13

I completely wiped and redeployed TeamCity on the build agent and now everything works fine, pointing to the same jdk.  So, the jdk was most likely not the issue.  Still not sure what was, but it is working now and so I'm moving on.



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