Deploy a specific build # to a location.

Hi, I am a TC newbie and wanted to know if it was possible to deploy a build to a specific location on our server.

For example build A #1 successfully completes and needs to be go to the folder /etc/buildLocation/

Is this possible and if it is where can I find a newbie-friendly manual to do this? Btw if it is not obvious I am on a Unix system.

Thanks! :)

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Hello Ilya,

You can write a script that can perform the deployment, setup it in TeamCity as a build configuration. The build configuration can then have an artifact dependency that will retrieve an artifact from another build (producing the application/data that you need to deploy) and deploy it. You can then create dependency trigger in the deploying build configuration triggering it on successful completion of the artifact-preparing build.

Also please watch/vote for the feature request Support multiple build runners per build configuration.

Kind regards,


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