There is no .NET Coverage report generator for type 'ncover'.

Hi all,

I can't get NCover to generate reports in TeamCity.

TeamCity 5.1.1

Configuration uses sln VS2008, paths to NCover and NCoverExplorer are configured manually using environmental variable.

NUnit tests run ok (single test fails) and at the end of the log the following message appears:


[09:31:25]: 1 Test(s) failed.
[09:31:25]: NUnit Launcher exited with code: 1
[09:31:25]: Exit code 0 will be returned.1
[09:31:38]: ##teamcity[importData type='dotNetCoverage' tool='ncover' file='F:\TeamCityTemp\buildTmp\tmpA34.tmp']
[09:31:39]: Importing data from 'F:\TeamCityTemp\buildTmp\tmpA34.tmp' with 'dotNetCoverage' processor
[09:31:40]: Waiting for 1 service processes to complete
[09:31:40]: Processing 1 coverage report(s)
[09:31:40]: There is no .NET Coverage report generator for type 'ncover'. Skipped files: [F:\TeamCityTemp\buildTmp\tmpA34.tmp]
[09:31:40]: Build finish

Can't figure out what is going wrong :(


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Please check this:

If you run x64 OS, please install both NCover x86 and x64.


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