"Unexpected error occurred: Not supported" with Maven file

I'm trying to set up a Maven configuration for an OSS project, gwt-presenter. The pom file is located here: https://gwt-presenter.googlecode.com/hg/pom.xml

When I specify the URL, I get an error message: Unexpected error occurred: Not supported. Same happens if I upload the file directly.

I'm not in any way familiar with Maven unfortunately so maybe the file is invalid. I'm trying to set this up on teamcity.codebetter.com where we primarily get .NET projects.

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"Not supported" means TeamCity does not support creating hg VCS roots from POMs. You are absolutely right, we should definitely improve the message.

Please try creating the build configuration manually (using http://gwt-presenter.googlecode.com/hg as VCS and then specifying "pom.xml" in Maven runner).


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