How to handle subversion properties (bugtraq) in the VS Addin?

We are using teamcity now in my team. However, we can't take advantage of the Pre-Tested (Delayed) Commit feature because we didn't find a way to use the subversion properties in the Visual Studio Addin.
Indeed, we are using Visual Svn adding to commit our source code and we always linked every commit with and issue number.
The VS Addin does not seem to support theses features as not input box to handle Bug-ID/Issue-number are provided.
Is there a way to enable it ? or is a new feature to add ?

if this feature does not exist I created an entry there with more details :

exemple properties.JPG
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Sano, TC add-in doesn't support Subversion properties. Thank you for adding feature request with detailed description in our tracker. Lets see, how many votes does this request collect.


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