RemoteRun and GitHub pull requests


When a teammember creates a pull requests on github,  as part of the codereview that takes place before accepting the request,
it would be great if either the reviewer or the requestor could schedule a "RemoteRun" of the changes, so that when the reviewer reviews,
he can also see the impact the codechanges have on testsuites that are too complex/slow to run on developer machines.

I'm hoping for tips/suggestions on how to implement a scenario like this.

Maybe a greasemonkey script that adds a button to the corresponding github page,  that then somehow finds the changes
involved in the pull request, and submits it as a remoterun to teamcity?

Hoping for creative input :)

Bye, Lucas

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Hello, Lucas.

You can implement this scenario manually. Before sending a pull
request a developer can make remote-run on his repository and
attach link to remote-run results to pull request. This will save
time of reviewers, because they will not review untested code.

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Hi Dimitry!

How would a developer do a remote run "on his repository" ?
manually create a diff from his repo vs master repo, and then submit that diff file using the commandline tool?

thanks for the help,


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Unfortunately commandline tool doesn't support git yet. So the
only way to do remote-run is from IntelliJ Idea TeamCity-plugin.

Suppose you have configuration with git VcsRoot
git:// Developer has his
own local repository. He works inside a feature branch. When
everything is done, he merges his changes in local master
branch (with option --squash) and make remote-run from Idea. Or
he can merge changes without --squash and do "Remote run outgoing
changes" in Idea.

This is not very convenient though to merge every time you want
to do remote-run.  Currently we are working on the feature
'remote-run on a branch'. With such feature there will be no need
in merging - you will just point to your feature branch.


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