Having trouble with initial TeamCity setup

Since this is my first time, some of my trouble may be conceptual.

It seems like I have everything set up except an Agent. I don't seem to have any Agent's installed but I read in the documentation that I shouldn't need to install any for a simple maven 2 build. For now, I just want it to run the tests (mvn clean test). Is there a checkbox or something I am missing somewhere? I got the impression (perhaps incorrectly) from the documentation that it may be disabled by default.

By the way, my parent pom file is in a "parent" subdirectory. My understanding is that this is something we do so developers can use either IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse. Not sure if I buy it though.

Thanks for any help.

Jim C.

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Hi, Jim

First of all, the Agent is mandatory. The TeamCity server cannot run builds alone. If you read that in our documentation please point us on it, we'll make it clearer. You can install TeamCity as server only or server with one agent instance. Also you can use a separate agent installer if you want to add more agents into your TeamCity configuration. If you need TeamCity for a simple maven build you can install server with one agent and you'll be lucky.

Second, I'm not sure I understand you question regarding parent pom in a separate subdirectory. Anyway, it's not a problem for TeamCity.

Best regards!

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Figured it out.
I didn't realize that there would be more than one running executable. If there is a "default" agent, why doesn't it run with the "default" way to run the system, i.e. "./startup.sh"?

This seems counter-intuitive to me.

Just my opinion.

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There is runAll.sh right for that. It calls ./teamcity-server.sh and then ./agent.sh.


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