Doubts regarding VS runners

I've been fiddling yesterday with TeamCity, and I'm quite pleased with it so far. There are, however, two things I couldn't find how to do, if possible (but I may have missed them):

  • Is it possible to build multiple solution configurations at once? I couldn't find any information telling if it is possible, I'd understand if it isn't, although it's a shame. Any solution or workaround for this without "wasting" a build configuration? On some projects, after compiling the solution I get both debug and release builds, so it's either a coincidence or what I want is somehow possible, however in my case, I want a release, and a custom configuration to build at once.
  • Is it possible to run FXCop after a VS Runner ends, again, without "wasting" a build configuration? I guess it's not possible and if people want this, they have to make their own MSBuild targets/tasks, or NAnt scripts, and losing the charts I've seen TC provides, but I hope I'm wrong.

Thanks for your time.


The second option will be available in the next major version of TeamCity (6.0). It will be possible to add FxCop build step after the solution step. You already can try how this feature works in our EAP:


Great, will look into updating my TC installation as soon as possible, since I don't think I'm doing anything strange with it that haven't been tested so far.

What about 1? Could you provide any further insight about it?

Thank you.


You can use multiple build steps feature (available in EAP) to build debug and release consequentially.

Kind regards,


Thank you for the info. One more reason to upgrade to latest available build.


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