.NET Library for the TeamCity REST API


in the last days i have written a small .NET Lib to use the TeamCity REST API. At the moment i'm thinking about to publish it on Codeplex or something like that.
Currently a lot of Class Names have the Word TeamCity in it (e.g. TeamCityClient). Is it ok for you guys from Jetbrains to use the Name for identifiers in the Library
or should i use other names?

Best Regards


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It's OK to use "TeamCity" in the names (since you integrate with TeamCity :).
Just please make sure it's clear the tool is not affiliated with JetBrains.

After you publish the tool can you please post a link so that we can also look at it?

BTW, there will be some changes in REST API in TeamCity 6.0 (more requests, some attributes/sub-elements added into existing objects), so it probably makes sense to check the tool works with both TeamCity 5.x and 6.0. If you have thoughts on API compatibility we are ready to discuss this.

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Thank you for your quick response.
I think i will publish the Library within the next days. The Link will be posted here.

While developing i tested with TC 5.1.4 and the latest 6.0 EAP and currently all things i use works with both versions.
Is there a list of new/changed Items in the API available?

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> Is there a list of new/changed Items in the API available?

Breaking changes, if any, will be described at ugrade notes under "REST API Changes".

Most detailed information on changes can be obtained from the SVN log (REST API is open source).

Do you think that full description of all the changes to REST API would be helpful for many? I think we can do that when time permits.

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I have pulished my .NET Library for TeamCity on Codeplex (http://sharp2city.codeplex.com/)
Currently it supports only a small subset of the REST API.

At the moment the features are:

  • Browse the Projects and the Build Configurations of the Projects
  • Download Artifacts
  • Download the Build Logs
  • Get the Version of the TeamCity Server
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I've added a link to our plugins page.
If you have any comments on the REST API, please let me know. It's still under development, so what is convenient and what is not can be a helpful feedback.


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