cleartool: Error: Only files are allowed; "/view/bsmith_dx_8.5_int_unix_tc/vobs_dx/si/plugins/" is a directory.

We have TeamCity running 5.1.2 with ClearCase 7.1.1 on Linux. Two different builds are failing with an error similar to this:

[10:51:32]: Patch is broken, can be found in file: D:\teamcity\agentdir\temp\cache\temp3283671605002026052patch_13988
[10:51:32]: RunBuildException  when running build stage UpdateSourcesFromServer: Failed to build patch  for build 42 {build id=13988}, VCS root: clearcase:  /view/bsmith_dx_8.5_int_unix_tc/vobs_dx/si {id=3}, due to error: cleartool: Error: Only files are allowed;  "/view/bsmith_dx_8.5_int_unix_tc/vobs_dx/si/plugins/"  is a directory.

Logfiles are attached.



Can you please try to use the patch from TW-13359 (you can use it right with TC 5.1.2 without upgrading)? Does it fix this issue?

The logs you attached does not include all needed information, so can you please modify "teamcity-server-log4j.xml" file (increase "maxBackupIndex" and "maxFileSize" params for "CLEARCASE.LOG" appender) and try to reproduce the issue?


I have those debug log settings currently enabled but haven't seen this problem occur again yet.  Could I wait for the problem to occur, then put the patch in, restart the server and see if the problem happens?  Or does the issue corrupt the workspace?


This problem just occured again so I shutdown TeamCity, installed the patch, and refired the build on the affected agent.  It seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks.


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